Tuesday, 21 February 2012

So so so so very excited with my findings from the weekend!!! We made the journey to The Blue Mountains to visit with family there and what do you think I found all along the way?? Craft shops, antique shops, vineyards, cute little villages, shops, cafes and awe inspiring sights everywhere. We had the most fantastic time and can't wait to go again and check out some of the spots we didn't pass through.

 So these two suitcases finish off my stack that I've been collecting for years, though I'm always determined not to pay a lot for them - I had to give in to the cute little one on top, I've never even seen one this small and just had to have it, the other one was a third of the price but completes my set off nicely! Though the 2 big suitcases on the bottom are exactly the same - I'm going to gift one to my sister in-law.

And below I finally got my old iron and the pot warmer. The binoculars and dressmaking hemmer are from second hand shops, both gotten at bargains and worthy of mention!! And the crochet tablecloth you can see also a find from the weekend only $15 for a huge completed tablecloth - has a few marks on it which I'll attempt to remove - also been after one of these for ages. I must have patience after all - it has certainly paid off in the end.

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  1. Paula!, they're all just so gorgeous! But then a fellow old suitcase/port collector would say that! :))) How lucky are you. I have one just like the lighter coloured one with the red corners, but unfortunately someone had used black marker on it! :(
    The old finds in the second pic are really lovely too. You've picked well.