Thursday, 29 March 2012


A friend M, came over for a doll making day and Lyla was my creation, had a great day, swapping fabrics drinking coffee and sharing ideas.

 Here are the girls altogether, Bella, Daisy and Lyla.

Hope you have a nice day!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Self Portrait

Have been dabbling in a bit of paint lately - wanting to step outside of my box and try something new, so for a few weeks I have been just doodling paint onto a canvas. Painting over the top of it, then painting new doodlings. Then one day in a moment of a completely empty house I splashed the black paint across the top of everything and went to town on a self portrait. I love abstract art and have always wished I was clever enough to actually paint an abstract - so this is mine. 

This is me. 

 I used only 3 colors and my fingers to paint with. It means a lot to me and I was quite surprised with how happy I am with the results. I had intended to do some more on it when it dried the next day, not quite happy with a few things, but when my husband saw it he told me not to touch it anymore and said it was great just like it is.  

 A bit dark and gloomy, I know, but it really is how I was feeling and I felt great after doing it. A bit of stress relief I think!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


the strawberry milkshake cow

This is from an early design I used to use only the head and hooves.......

I had tried to make her into a full doll before but it hadn't quite worked out - and then at about 1 am in the morning whilst trying to get to sleep - Milli popped into my head, so the next day I set about making her. I have plans to do a vanilla and choccy cow as well. And maybe some little poddy calves to go with them!?!
I'm quite happy with her, except her tail needs a bit of work and maybe a few more embellishments too! 

Have an udderly crafty day!!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Daisy comes to town!

My new lil dolli - she's bellas' cousin. And again Hayley says I can't sell her  - 'mum...... she's tooo cute'! I don't think Hayley's ever going to let me part with any of the girls!! But I guess since dolls are my fav craft - I should have a few around the house!

'Dolls, dolls, they’re everywhere,

They’re on the counter,
They’re in the chair.'

Monday, 12 March 2012


Here is my latest lil gal - her name is bella - she's just the cutest lil gal yet! I still have a few things to finish off and add to her - but couldn't resist sharing her.

All made with my new Singer sewing machine - as the Janome has taken a sabbatical until further notice!

'I once had a sweet little doll, dears, The prettiest doll in the world.'

Charles Kingsley

This week at Jody Pearl's Reinventing Fashion by DEconstructing it.

JaM this week is Books.
What books have you found which
stimulate, excite, motivate & generally take up your leisure time - 

in a constructive way.

I haven't actually read a book in a while but have been indulging in my all time favourite magazines which give me endless supply of country charm and inspiration - and dreams of one day having a house fit for the likes of the pages inside the wonderful cover that is 'Country Sampler'. I have been collecting these mags for over 6 yrs now I think!?!  

 And can't go past a Cloth Paper Scissors for some more wild and artistic inspiration too.

Have a nice day!

Friday, 9 March 2012


I'd been up late one night stuck on Pinterest ( I'm sure a few of you are familiar with this scenario) and saw a braided bracelet, forgot to save the link for it so when I googled this one is the one that came up

But I love love love it so much - I had to make one. But being the thrifty girl I am was determined not to buy any thing for it and just use my stash of goodies

The pearls - that were sourced at an op shop were obviously not up to the task and snapped when I was nearly finished the braid - I was a bit short of time at the time so have still to unwrap - restring the pearls and rebraid  -  I will finish this but wanted to share with you, I thought it was looking great, especially the piece of denim bit I got out of my bin.

Yours craftly

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I Thought I might join in this week with.....

Jody Pearl's - JaM this week is all about you  -
see what 10 things you can bring yourself to share with the rest of us.

1. Being new to blogging, I am quite nervous every time I post something and really don't understand much about how I even created the blog - so any advice or info is welcome.

2. I am obsessed with OP shops, second hand shops and antique shops, craft shops, markets, car boot sales, well maybe even all shops - even though if you asked me if I liked to shop, I'd tell you no!

3. Slightly obsessed with exclamation marks!!!! but if I talked to you I certainly don't sound that excited, least I don't think so anyways.......

4. Always feel a bit ripped off when its the end of the day and I can no longer keep my eyes open - never enough hours in the day!

5. Love love love my morning coffee - I have a special blend of half jarrah cheeky cino and half bavarian jarrah - makes the most yummy hazelnut cappacino.

6. I don't wear skirts or dresses unless its someones wedding and I'm in the bridal party.

7. I'm a gemini and I think I use it as my goto a little too often!!

8.  I hate following instructions and recipes, there always needs to be room for imagination.

9. I did love school and I had a fantastic childhood.

10. I talk way too much.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Trialing some new types of pumpkins - much quicker and easier to make than my normal pumpkins, but I don't think they are as great looking as my normal. But am going for a shabby chicer style pumpkin - thanks Chris for your inspiration - I'll keep working on them and I'll keep you posted on their progress - oh the pumpkins in the real garden are doing well too - no piccys of them though!!

Picked up this change table on the local buy swap sell page, after some initial confusion over no we're not having another baby and no we didn't buy it for someone who's having a baby - it's to beome my new art trolley - the lady said OH! really maybe I should be keeping for myself - poor thing now she's going to have to go and find herself a change table to convert for herself!

 Needless to say it's blood y perfect for an art caddy

A few little beauties I found at the antiques store up the road

A few lil fellas from the op shop

A look at my space today, as is, not sure how I ever actually achieve anything, and no wonder I'm always starting new things without finishing the last - way too much inspiration screaming in my face all day and the more stuff I pull out the worse it gets. It's a very viscous cycle!!! 

A small amount of order to my world

Sew....... what shall I go and do??? to paint or sew??  I really think my poor dolls above in pic need clothes- the weather is cooling down rather quickly - I had my scarf on for nearly the whole day today, and the girls need something to keep them warm. But I also have a big order for golliwog dolls and bunting for the shop.... maybe I'll have a cuppa, flick through some blogs and think twice about my next mission.
Till then.........Happy crafting  xoxo

Thursday, 1 March 2012

So glad I decided to stop in at the local second hand shop - they are closing down and things were much more affordable.......

I got heaps of these fantastic little bottles and jars - great for shabby chic somethings

One bag full of old sewing nic nacs - including a box full of singer parts which I've been after for some steampunk items, some lovely old books, doilies

These hair curlers have never been opened - have no idea how old they are but they are very cute, made in England

These are from the local cheap shop GoLo - picked them up for $1.50 ea very nice

And while I figured out how to take some old fashioned style photos from my phone - I thought I'd post a pic of my kitchen cupboard - showcasing some of my special and most fav things....