Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Crafty Days

I had a friend over all day today and another friend last week on friday, have had such a lovely time chatting, inspiring each other and creating some lovely things for the home.

M turned up today with some styrofoam wreaths and a bundle of hessian, this is my efforts for the day......

I added some lovely little pearls to the center of each flower

When A came last week full of xmas ideas and inspiration - I made a Christmas tree skirt, its calico with a ruffle on the edge

The photos are not the best, but it came up really pretty, I will post more pics when it is under the tree, might add a bow to the center when its all set up too.

Hope you are having a lovely crafty time....  xxoo

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Meet Elizabeth Bennett

From Pride and Prejudice, a custom order that I loved making so much, I might have to do a few more of the Bennett girls.

And while my obsession with pumpkins and mushrooms has subsided, I have a new love for pears - this is an oversize pear - for decor or cushion.

Also have finally got started with some Xmas crafts, I have been busy working on my ruffled tree skirt today, will post some pictures soon!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

I FINALLY found my password for my blog!!!! I just registered to have it sms'd to me next time that happens. Let's hope it never happens again anyway!

I've been quite busy since my last post, I have a whole heap of this I want to post but will pace them out for now.

I have done 'Marie Antoinette' earlier and have now created another one, I normally would never make the same doll twice but with all of the wigs and dresses that she wore, I could make heaps more......

This one is off to the ball! She is going into the doll show case in November that I mentioned in September, I'm still trying to work out how much to put on her, I was thinking $80? What do you think?

I had another doll that was to go into it as well, but she sold already - a lady saw her and just fell in love with her, and... well I'm not very good at saying no - so she has gone to a new home.


I miss the girls when they are gone, might have to make one to keep soon!
Well that'll do for today, hope you are all well   -  XOXO