Friday, 31 March 2017

Testing out the blog app

So I've just downloaded the app for the blog. Trying to get myself back onto here even just as a way to keep all my ramblings somewhere else that's not just in my head 😉
Testing how to add a photo.......

Okies so that worked ! 😊
Feeling a little chuffed now as I honestly have been fiddling around on here for ages this afternoon, this is about my 10th attempt to add a photo lol.

Okies maybe enough for today, going to publish this now and fingers crossed for me please 🤞 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Making a Blythe Bed

Blythe furniture can be quite expensive and hard to come by. So I set about looking for something to turn into a bed for her, at the local dollar shop I found these wooden key cabinets... a few wooden knobs for legs form the hardware store and this is where we are so far...

Still planning on making a headboard, mattress etc. And am doing a craft swap with a lovely lady from the US for a patchwork quilt and matching pillows for some Shabby Annies Design Blythe clothing.  Also the little set of drawers is a jewellery box I found in an op shop for $2.
So all up this bed has cost less than $15 to make so far.


Monday, 9 March 2015

Making a Crib for Nappy Choo ~ Part 1

I've had this front part of a doll house floating around the house for a few years. It was in a miniature doll shop at Morpeth with a few broken parts and the man in the shop gave it to me when I was looking for a door to make my daughter a fairy door. As you can see that never happened (no surprises there)  lol...

A fellow Nappy Choo enthusiast mentioned using doll house stair bannisters and this prompted me to demolish the front of this house panel for just that reason - Thanks Jules xx

I then found a few other bits of wood from my stash or supplies, measured all and cut them to fit. I didn't use a scale as such, but baby Bella was happy to test it out for me  xx

I also cut the corner posts in half for the corner joins on the crib, they are a perfect size, after a bit of sawing and sanding off the rough edges, then a bit of gluing (with Bella's help overseeing of course)  :)

Now to wait patiently for the glue to dry, sigh..........


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Day of Pink!

I'm currently working on a creation for a doll swap with a most amazing doll artist, and the Doll in question needs a specific type of yarn for her hair, which I only had in white but simply must be pink. So I purchased some more fabric dye and rounded up a few samples of fabric to test out, some ribbon, roses and various other yarns that I either can't use as they are or simply needed pinking up.

Of course I made a mess, which dear hubby was very concerned about (lucky he wasn't here the first time I dyed, it was horrendously messy)  but Ohhhhh so much fun!!!

And we had a gorgeous sunny and windy day today, which was perfect for drying in and I even had enough time to catch up on Downton Abbey while I wound up my balls of yarn with my old singer yarn winder.

I'll have to hold out for the weekend to get stuck into these pretty pink beauties, the kids have Cross Country on tomorrow, so mummy duties call  :)


Friday, 27 February 2015

A little story about a doll.......

Once upon a time there was a doll maker, she lived in a world of lace and roses, dreams and flowers, tulle and ribbons, and well...    I could go on forever, but you get the idea.

One day a beautiful face emerged from the fabric, all dreamy blue eyes and the cutest button nose you've ever seen...

And after a few days she started to transform into a beautiful creation...

Using some of the doll makers finest supplies including Hand spun Mulberry Silk with gold twine and glass beads for her hair, and beautiful shimmery Glass house fabric and the softest of softest netting for a lovely wispy skirt ~ the doll maker thought it was her finest creation ever...

The doll maker was so excited by this beauty she took all sorts of photos, she had big plans for her...

The pretty dreamy blue eyed girl quickly found her way into the doll makers heart and the doll maker decided to keep her as her own and make her the new face of her business...

Then one day in the studio whilst the doll maker was working on some other creations, the pretty dreamy blue eyed girl unfortunately acquired some white paint to her neckline :(

So then the fate of her future was well and truly cemented, she would always live in the studio with the doll maker and be her muse, her model and companion to all creations that pass through the doors.

So you will see her popping up from time to time, and she amazingly fits some Blythe outfits that the doll maker also dabbles in...

So for any of you who were wondering who that girl is in the background, now you know who the  Dreamy Blue Eyed beauty with the cute button nose is.


Saturday, 21 February 2015

 Nappy for Nappy Choo Tutorial

I'm sharing a little how to today, on making your little baby BJD, Nappy Choo a little nappy.


snap fasteners
general sewing supplies

Cut out your nappy pattern on the line...

Trace the pattern onto your lining fabric, make sure to mark where the opening is...

Cut a piece from the outer fabric and stabilizer (if needed), pin fabric together with right side pattern on the inside of the lining, (stabilizer on bottom)...

With small stitches sew on the line, starting and finishing at the open section...

Gently tear away your stabilizer if you've used it. Cut out the fabric leaving a seam as you go, and extra fabric at the opening for ease of turning through...

Turn through, and press if desired...

Sew a small stitch around the edge, this seals the open section as well, and stitch your snap fasteners in place...

All ready for Nappy Choo...

If you have any questions please don't  hesitate to ask.

I'd love to see any photos of your Nappy Choos in there nappies.


Sunday, 15 February 2015

A friendly meeting  ........

Our baby BJD doll, Baby Bella snuck in for a little photo during Sweet Pea Art Dolls photo shoot


Saturday, 14 February 2015

Baby Bella xx

Having lots of fun with our little Nappy Choo doll ~ baby Bella.

Here she is modeling her new little dress that I've made for her.

Luckily she's quite photogenic xx

Monday, 9 February 2015

Nappy Choo

Introducing the newest member into our dolly collection - our very own baby Nappy Choo! This is little Bella, she is sooo adorable. My daughter and I are having so much fun finding toys and furniture for her, and will be attempting to make some little outfits for her too xx

Friday, 6 February 2015

Sweet Peas

One of my newest cloth doll designs are called Sweet Peas. These little cloth dolls can sit, unlike my other smaller Penny Annie dolls. Making it easier to display them. Each face is hand drawn and painted, making them all a little different in their own ways. I thoroughly enjoy making these little darlings and they are more affordable for my customers xx

Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Blythe Story...

So along my journey of doll making and creating, I spend an undefined amount of time doing what I call "research"  ;)  online. Anywhere from flickr, instagram, pinterest, etsy, ebay, facebook and just good ol' google.  I kept seeing these Blythe dolls pop up over and over again and eventually fell in love with them and their adorably cute outfits and accessories. I always claimed to not be a doll collector, but I think now my status has changed. I spent a lot of time researching and stressing over how to buy my very first Blythe doll, and eventually found this lass......

Disco Boogie Blythe (Takara)

I thought it best to just go second hand for a first one until I learnt a bit more about them.  So timing it with my daughters 11th birthday, she was blown away when she unwrapped her very first Blythe doll (very well aware that she had to share her dolly with mum  ;)

So needless to say, my days are now spent obsessing more about fabrics and dress styles for our precious new family member, who is yet to be named anything other than Blythe. Hmmmm we must do something about that, will get back to you soon with a name for her.

 This crochet beanie is the very first thing I made for her, it took a lot longer than I thought, their heads are quite large.

We found these glasses in an op shop on one of our travels - a perfect fit!

I set about to make a pretty outfit for her to give to my daughter on the day she got her, it's not perfect, but I was happy with it for my first try at miniature dress making.

Her bodice and straps are a little wonky but I shall keep trying until I master it. And her petticoat ended up too long, she seems to look cuter in short dresses and skirts. 


Sunday, 13 July 2014

A break from sewing this weekend  

I'm in a group online with about 40 or so other crafty hand maidens, one lady had suggested we all take a little break this weekend from our usual crafts and do something just for us ~ challenge accepted!

I've had a canvas on my easel for about 1-2 yrs!! yes I know ridiculous isn't it? But you know how life goes..

Anyway I was determined to get to it. I'd seen some absolutely beautiful paintings on Rachel Ashwells Shabby Chic website of abstract like ballerina dresses and  I thought that would be gorgeous in a girls room.
Here are some progress shots of my own version...

And it certainly was great to have a little break from doll making for a few days.
Hopefully next time I won't leave it so long between paintings, I might need to do something for the boys rooms next  :)

Have a lovely day xx