Monday, 9 March 2015

Making a Crib for Nappy Choo ~ Part 1

I've had this front part of a doll house floating around the house for a few years. It was in a miniature doll shop at Morpeth with a few broken parts and the man in the shop gave it to me when I was looking for a door to make my daughter a fairy door. As you can see that never happened (no surprises there)  lol...

A fellow Nappy Choo enthusiast mentioned using doll house stair bannisters and this prompted me to demolish the front of this house panel for just that reason - Thanks Jules xx

I then found a few other bits of wood from my stash or supplies, measured all and cut them to fit. I didn't use a scale as such, but baby Bella was happy to test it out for me  xx

I also cut the corner posts in half for the corner joins on the crib, they are a perfect size, after a bit of sawing and sanding off the rough edges, then a bit of gluing (with Bella's help overseeing of course)  :)

Now to wait patiently for the glue to dry, sigh..........



  1. I turn my back on you for a minute and your doing all sorts of amazing things. How cute is that crib? x

    1. Thanks Jackie, he hee, I'm always up to something! Hope you are well xx