Monday, 9 March 2015

Making a Crib for Nappy Choo ~ Part 1

I've had this front part of a doll house floating around the house for a few years. It was in a miniature doll shop at Morpeth with a few broken parts and the man in the shop gave it to me when I was looking for a door to make my daughter a fairy door. As you can see that never happened (no surprises there)  lol...

A fellow Nappy Choo enthusiast mentioned using doll house stair bannisters and this prompted me to demolish the front of this house panel for just that reason - Thanks Jules xx

I then found a few other bits of wood from my stash or supplies, measured all and cut them to fit. I didn't use a scale as such, but baby Bella was happy to test it out for me  xx

I also cut the corner posts in half for the corner joins on the crib, they are a perfect size, after a bit of sawing and sanding off the rough edges, then a bit of gluing (with Bella's help overseeing of course)  :)

Now to wait patiently for the glue to dry, sigh..........


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Day of Pink!

I'm currently working on a creation for a doll swap with a most amazing doll artist, and the Doll in question needs a specific type of yarn for her hair, which I only had in white but simply must be pink. So I purchased some more fabric dye and rounded up a few samples of fabric to test out, some ribbon, roses and various other yarns that I either can't use as they are or simply needed pinking up.

Of course I made a mess, which dear hubby was very concerned about (lucky he wasn't here the first time I dyed, it was horrendously messy)  but Ohhhhh so much fun!!!

And we had a gorgeous sunny and windy day today, which was perfect for drying in and I even had enough time to catch up on Downton Abbey while I wound up my balls of yarn with my old singer yarn winder.

I'll have to hold out for the weekend to get stuck into these pretty pink beauties, the kids have Cross Country on tomorrow, so mummy duties call  :)