Thursday, 26 April 2012

Finally came up with a more interesting name for my blog - Round the Mulberry Tree - hope you like it!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I have been busy making more scarves, and have even showed a few ladies how to make them. On Tuesday I went along to a local craft group and a few of the ladies were keen to learn so they could make themselves one.
And as the weather has cooled right down, I was able to wear one up town for the first time and I had quite a few comments about it. I was quite chuffed and wondering if I should make a few more to put on the co-op table at the next markets?

I have been very busy trying to make some curtains for the house, when we moved in it was all continuous lace and looking a bit tired so here are my decided upon style, just hoping they're not too dark.

My sewing table has seen better days......

My new goodies...

A few op-shop finds this week...

At craft on Tuesday my dolls finally got put together and grew some hair, hopefully they won't be naked for too much longer...

Lavender..... just because its so lovely 

Have a nice day!

Friday, 20 April 2012


Well I have finally finished some crocheting projects and I was determined not to open a new ball of wool until the current ones were finished - and I succeeded - YAH!!!!

Firstly I started on a beanie for Nate as he had chosen out the orange as his favorite color in the shop....

  I really had no idea what I was doing and made it up as I went along, hence the little pixie point on top! But it is kinda cute  :)

 I then decided to make a matching scarf as most scarve are way too long for him and winter is around the corner. It is not that spectactular, I had originally started out single crochet and realised it was going to take me forever, so after two colors of that I switched to double crochet and finished the other end off with single crochet to match.

 Nate thinks they are great, I'm just happy that I now know how to crochet!

I was making this beanie for me - it was very hard on my hands to make as the wool is super thick and my largest hook is a 5mm - but it's turned out great, too small for me in the end, but a perfect fit for Hayles and I'm going to make a few more flower to go onto it.

So with the left over wool I made my nine granny squares for a cushion for Nate...

And some bunting to match...

And when we finally made it on our day trip to Nundle to the wool mill, I was all ready to pick out some new wool!! I also got some wool for spinning, can't wait to learn how to do that! I am missing a few bits of my spinning wheel, so when hubby gets it all sorted out for me - a spinning I shall be!

Liebster Award

Followers who inspire others.

My new lovely friend Jackie from The Back Shed 
has so lovingly nominated my lil' ol blog for an award for bloggers with under 200 followers. I only have 7 so far!
I have a long way to go to get to 200! 
I am a bit chuffed about it and hope that my posts do inspire others as their posts always inspire me.

There are a few Rules that come with this Blog:
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I am sharing the award with -


Each of these blogs have been most important to me in very different ways, thanks so much to all.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Fifi ??

Here's an update on my butterfly, still not sure on her name??
Thanks for the tips everyone - the tuft of hair made her look a bit boyish, so I just went with the antennae - I knew those felted balls would come in handy!!!
And as you can see in the piccy I have been busy making pumpkins this weekend too, they still need tops. 

 Here she is enjoying a bask in the warm sunny garden - minding my fruit trees for me. xx

Have a Happy Easter everyone. 

Monday, 2 April 2012


Here's what I'm working on at the moment, fifi the butterfly doll. Its the same doll pattern as my current dollis. I am having so much fun with this pattern and have heaps more ideas coming. 

 I started off with calico then painted almost all of the body and head bar the face, then in my delayed wisdom realised It'd be much easier to make the body out of a printed striped fabric then just paint the face antique white!! But its all part of the process - I love working on proto-types!

It has been slow going though as I have been a bit under the weather - the cooler days are creeping in. Still not sure if I'll put dolls hair on or antennae?? And legs all 6 of them - color to be black, maroon, cream, green??? still working on it, will post some more pics soon.