Friday, 6 April 2012

Fifi ??

Here's an update on my butterfly, still not sure on her name??
Thanks for the tips everyone - the tuft of hair made her look a bit boyish, so I just went with the antennae - I knew those felted balls would come in handy!!!
And as you can see in the piccy I have been busy making pumpkins this weekend too, they still need tops. 

 Here she is enjoying a bask in the warm sunny garden - minding my fruit trees for me. xx

Have a Happy Easter everyone. 


  1. She turned out really well, so very cute. Happy Easter.

  2. She is delightful...are you allowed to sell this one lol...

  3. She's just gorgeous Paula! Her colours are so pretty. x

  4. I'm visiting from Jackies blog and just popped in to say that your butterfly is adorable...cutest little smile ever!