Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I have been busy making more scarves, and have even showed a few ladies how to make them. On Tuesday I went along to a local craft group and a few of the ladies were keen to learn so they could make themselves one.
And as the weather has cooled right down, I was able to wear one up town for the first time and I had quite a few comments about it. I was quite chuffed and wondering if I should make a few more to put on the co-op table at the next markets?

I have been very busy trying to make some curtains for the house, when we moved in it was all continuous lace and looking a bit tired so here are my decided upon style, just hoping they're not too dark.

My sewing table has seen better days......

My new goodies...

A few op-shop finds this week...

At craft on Tuesday my dolls finally got put together and grew some hair, hopefully they won't be naked for too much longer...

Lavender..... just because its so lovely 

Have a nice day!


  1. Paula I love the new name..the scarves are great I am going to bring wool each week and next time you come I will hopefully take 5 mins of your time,the scarves look wonderful and you should make some for selling they are really wonderful.Love the curtains and I know from seeing them your dolls are simply lovely..hope you have a lovely weekend..

  2. All I can say is that you have been busy!!! Love the new name, the scarves look great and the op shop finds look interesting. We should all have more Lavender just hanging around, x

  3. You have been busy Paula! Well done you! Liking the scarves and the gorgeous lavender. Have a great weekend. x