Friday, 20 April 2012


Well I have finally finished some crocheting projects and I was determined not to open a new ball of wool until the current ones were finished - and I succeeded - YAH!!!!

Firstly I started on a beanie for Nate as he had chosen out the orange as his favorite color in the shop....

  I really had no idea what I was doing and made it up as I went along, hence the little pixie point on top! But it is kinda cute  :)

 I then decided to make a matching scarf as most scarve are way too long for him and winter is around the corner. It is not that spectactular, I had originally started out single crochet and realised it was going to take me forever, so after two colors of that I switched to double crochet and finished the other end off with single crochet to match.

 Nate thinks they are great, I'm just happy that I now know how to crochet!

I was making this beanie for me - it was very hard on my hands to make as the wool is super thick and my largest hook is a 5mm - but it's turned out great, too small for me in the end, but a perfect fit for Hayles and I'm going to make a few more flower to go onto it.

So with the left over wool I made my nine granny squares for a cushion for Nate...

And some bunting to match...

And when we finally made it on our day trip to Nundle to the wool mill, I was all ready to pick out some new wool!! I also got some wool for spinning, can't wait to learn how to do that! I am missing a few bits of my spinning wheel, so when hubby gets it all sorted out for me - a spinning I shall be!


  1. You have been busy! Love the beanies. I hope you enjoy spinning, I love it though I haven't done any for a few years now. I used to use the fleece off the two sheep we had back then.

  2. Hi Paula, nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog.Love your beanies and hope one day (by the end of this winter)i can make my own.
    I'm not going to good on the following pattern book style of learning to crochet i think i will have to round up a friend and get them to teach me the hands on way.
    Funny i just got my spinning wheel out of the shed the other day and gave it a bit of a clean ready for a bit of spinning...........always enjoyable.
    Have you tried felting?