Sunday, 13 July 2014

A break from sewing this weekend  

I'm in a group online with about 40 or so other crafty hand maidens, one lady had suggested we all take a little break this weekend from our usual crafts and do something just for us ~ challenge accepted!

I've had a canvas on my easel for about 1-2 yrs!! yes I know ridiculous isn't it? But you know how life goes..

Anyway I was determined to get to it. I'd seen some absolutely beautiful paintings on Rachel Ashwells Shabby Chic website of abstract like ballerina dresses and  I thought that would be gorgeous in a girls room.
Here are some progress shots of my own version...

And it certainly was great to have a little break from doll making for a few days.
Hopefully next time I won't leave it so long between paintings, I might need to do something for the boys rooms next  :)

Have a lovely day xx

Monday, 30 June 2014

Shabby Annies BIG Birthday Celebration!!!!

~ G I V E A W A Y ~

'Princess Bubblegum'

Starting 1/7/14 ~ Ending 13/7/14

For your chance to enter the draw to win 'Princess Bubblegum' there are several ways of getting a ticket into the raffle:


1.  Comment on the Official Raffle photo pinned at the top on Shabby Annies Face Book page  ~ 1 ticket

2. Share Shabby Annies giveaway on your face book  page  ~  1 ticket

3. For anyone who's purchased from Shabby Annies before  ~  1 ticket
  (message my page to let me know if you'd like a ticket)

4. Join Shabby Annies mailing list  ~  2 tickets  


*Please note for international customers part postage is required if you win the contest ~ $20 AU.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Shabby Annies Headquarters

One day on a visit to a local op shop, I stumbled across some books of piano sheet music. I know to some it may seem like sacrilege to cut them up, but there were so many books just sitting there and a lot of damaged ones as well. The bunting is quite fragile though, next time (if I make anymore :) I think I'll back the paper with some fabric or felt, to make them stronger. And this was a good excuse to dip into my button stash and finally put them to use xx

 I got the most awesome addition to my craft room ever! It was a combined present for my birthday, an apple TV adapter too - now I can even more crafting done, watching all my favourite shows and more!  (now I just need that little fridge out here and I'll never have to leave my little sanctuary again  ;)

This is my new chair for crafting to, this was a mothers day present, I LOVE it sooo much and it's sooo pretty too!

 Oops, how'd that photo sneak in there???   bit of a snack in between craft projects and cleaning up  :)

And voila........ probably the cleanest my craft room has been in ages and perhaps the neatest that I can ever make it......

Have a nice day xx

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Non-breakable Mason Jars!

With all the rage in the last few years revolving around Mason Jars, of course it seemed inevitable that I'd fall in love with them as well. Then you know how it goes... an obsession begins, so of course I had to stitch myself a Mason Jar, then deciding on what to put in it is endless. I have heaps of ideas jotted down for heaps of 'specimen jars'.

I found a Drawing of a mason jar on pinterest on day ~ 


Then I traced the design onto a piece of fabric and simply machine stitched over the lines, a few times. Then pretty much did the same for the butterfly design as well, it was a little tricky with the smaller design. Then I made some roses from dyed seam binding to add a little color. 

Here's another one that I've been working on ~ I love dandelions and the kids are always running around looking for 'wishes'. One day my daughter and I went on a good search for them and put some in a jar to dry, she call's it her 'jar of wishes'. So my next specimen jar was already decided...

The possibilities are endless as to what you could put in your jars, and then make them into cushions, appliques for t-shirts, bags, wall hangings etc etc etc.

Happy sewing xx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Exciting Days!!!

One of my most favourite bloggers is celebrating a 10th anniversary on her page and so very kindly offered a free 'Looomphant' pattern - I jumped at the chance to try it out, although I'm not experienced enough at using furry fabrics, so I chose my current favourite fabric and went for it!
I'm quite happy with how she came out, although I wish I'd had a lighter color felt for the ears and feet, but this works well enough.

If you haven't seen this page yet, then you must go and get lost in the wonderful shabbyness and loveliness of

Have a lovely day xx

Friday, 14 March 2014

Busy this weekend trying to sort out the craft room. I so very slowly and unwillingly moved all the boxes and 'stuff' off the shelves, moved all the furniture out, vacuumed the carpets, then measured everything and drew up a few different floor plans, painted a few shelves white. Then I ended up putting nearly everything back where I first had it, as nothing else looked right!  
Anyhow... at least it's a bit tidier than before and I got the floor looking great :)

Here's a little peek at a few of my favourite things for you ...

 Have a nice day xx

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Some of my favourite custom orders from the last few months...