Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Non-breakable Mason Jars!

With all the rage in the last few years revolving around Mason Jars, of course it seemed inevitable that I'd fall in love with them as well. Then you know how it goes... an obsession begins, so of course I had to stitch myself a Mason Jar, then deciding on what to put in it is endless. I have heaps of ideas jotted down for heaps of 'specimen jars'.

I found a Drawing of a mason jar on pinterest on day ~ 


Then I traced the design onto a piece of fabric and simply machine stitched over the lines, a few times. Then pretty much did the same for the butterfly design as well, it was a little tricky with the smaller design. Then I made some roses from dyed seam binding to add a little color. 

Here's another one that I've been working on ~ I love dandelions and the kids are always running around looking for 'wishes'. One day my daughter and I went on a good search for them and put some in a jar to dry, she call's it her 'jar of wishes'. So my next specimen jar was already decided...

The possibilities are endless as to what you could put in your jars, and then make them into cushions, appliques for t-shirts, bags, wall hangings etc etc etc.

Happy sewing xx

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