Monday, 23 June 2014

Shabby Annies Headquarters

One day on a visit to a local op shop, I stumbled across some books of piano sheet music. I know to some it may seem like sacrilege to cut them up, but there were so many books just sitting there and a lot of damaged ones as well. The bunting is quite fragile though, next time (if I make anymore :) I think I'll back the paper with some fabric or felt, to make them stronger. And this was a good excuse to dip into my button stash and finally put them to use xx

 I got the most awesome addition to my craft room ever! It was a combined present for my birthday, an apple TV adapter too - now I can even more crafting done, watching all my favourite shows and more!  (now I just need that little fridge out here and I'll never have to leave my little sanctuary again  ;)

This is my new chair for crafting to, this was a mothers day present, I LOVE it sooo much and it's sooo pretty too!

 Oops, how'd that photo sneak in there???   bit of a snack in between craft projects and cleaning up  :)

And voila........ probably the cleanest my craft room has been in ages and perhaps the neatest that I can ever make it......

Have a nice day xx

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  1. I'm jealous of your room! My room is a dumping ground at them moment and needs a good sort.