Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Blythe Story...

So along my journey of doll making and creating, I spend an undefined amount of time doing what I call "research"  ;)  online. Anywhere from flickr, instagram, pinterest, etsy, ebay, facebook and just good ol' google.  I kept seeing these Blythe dolls pop up over and over again and eventually fell in love with them and their adorably cute outfits and accessories. I always claimed to not be a doll collector, but I think now my status has changed. I spent a lot of time researching and stressing over how to buy my very first Blythe doll, and eventually found this lass......

Disco Boogie Blythe (Takara)

I thought it best to just go second hand for a first one until I learnt a bit more about them.  So timing it with my daughters 11th birthday, she was blown away when she unwrapped her very first Blythe doll (very well aware that she had to share her dolly with mum  ;)

So needless to say, my days are now spent obsessing more about fabrics and dress styles for our precious new family member, who is yet to be named anything other than Blythe. Hmmmm we must do something about that, will get back to you soon with a name for her.

 This crochet beanie is the very first thing I made for her, it took a lot longer than I thought, their heads are quite large.

We found these glasses in an op shop on one of our travels - a perfect fit!

I set about to make a pretty outfit for her to give to my daughter on the day she got her, it's not perfect, but I was happy with it for my first try at miniature dress making.

Her bodice and straps are a little wonky but I shall keep trying until I master it. And her petticoat ended up too long, she seems to look cuter in short dresses and skirts. 


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