Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Trialing some new types of pumpkins - much quicker and easier to make than my normal pumpkins, but I don't think they are as great looking as my normal. But am going for a shabby chicer style pumpkin - thanks Chris for your inspiration - I'll keep working on them and I'll keep you posted on their progress - oh the pumpkins in the real garden are doing well too - no piccys of them though!!

Picked up this change table on the local buy swap sell page, after some initial confusion over no we're not having another baby and no we didn't buy it for someone who's having a baby - it's to beome my new art trolley - the lady said OH! really maybe I should be keeping for myself - poor thing now she's going to have to go and find herself a change table to convert for herself!

 Needless to say it's blood y perfect for an art caddy

A few little beauties I found at the antiques store up the road

A few lil fellas from the op shop

A look at my space today, as is, not sure how I ever actually achieve anything, and no wonder I'm always starting new things without finishing the last - way too much inspiration screaming in my face all day and the more stuff I pull out the worse it gets. It's a very viscous cycle!!! 

A small amount of order to my world

Sew....... what shall I go and do??? to paint or sew??  I really think my poor dolls above in pic need clothes- the weather is cooling down rather quickly - I had my scarf on for nearly the whole day today, and the girls need something to keep them warm. But I also have a big order for golliwog dolls and bunting for the shop.... maybe I'll have a cuppa, flick through some blogs and think twice about my next mission.
Till then.........Happy crafting  xoxo

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