Friday, 9 March 2012


I'd been up late one night stuck on Pinterest ( I'm sure a few of you are familiar with this scenario) and saw a braided bracelet, forgot to save the link for it so when I googled this one is the one that came up

But I love love love it so much - I had to make one. But being the thrifty girl I am was determined not to buy any thing for it and just use my stash of goodies

The pearls - that were sourced at an op shop were obviously not up to the task and snapped when I was nearly finished the braid - I was a bit short of time at the time so have still to unwrap - restring the pearls and rebraid  -  I will finish this but wanted to share with you, I thought it was looking great, especially the piece of denim bit I got out of my bin.

Yours craftly

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  1. That's a very clever little bracelet! Thanks for your kind words re my Blogs and my photos. Glad you like them and pop in anytime. Jackie