Thursday, 8 March 2012

I Thought I might join in this week with.....

Jody Pearl's - JaM this week is all about you  -
see what 10 things you can bring yourself to share with the rest of us.

1. Being new to blogging, I am quite nervous every time I post something and really don't understand much about how I even created the blog - so any advice or info is welcome.

2. I am obsessed with OP shops, second hand shops and antique shops, craft shops, markets, car boot sales, well maybe even all shops - even though if you asked me if I liked to shop, I'd tell you no!

3. Slightly obsessed with exclamation marks!!!! but if I talked to you I certainly don't sound that excited, least I don't think so anyways.......

4. Always feel a bit ripped off when its the end of the day and I can no longer keep my eyes open - never enough hours in the day!

5. Love love love my morning coffee - I have a special blend of half jarrah cheeky cino and half bavarian jarrah - makes the most yummy hazelnut cappacino.

6. I don't wear skirts or dresses unless its someones wedding and I'm in the bridal party.

7. I'm a gemini and I think I use it as my goto a little too often!!

8.  I hate following instructions and recipes, there always needs to be room for imagination.

9. I did love school and I had a fantastic childhood.

10. I talk way too much.


  1. Hey Paula,

    I'll avoid shops at all costs but can't drive past an op shop - wonder what that's all about?!

    Thanks for joining in this week and for sharing a little about yourself. x

  2. I will spend all day in Op Shops and second hand shops but hate shopping for new stuff. I avoid dresses too and loved school. Lovely to learn more about you.

  3. Hi Paula Alice
    Thank you for your lovely comments about Tilly Rose!
    Glad you enjoy my little rambles...

    I can't find an email for you unfortunately.
    Shame you live so far away. It would be lovely to meet for a chat.
    Skype sounds a fun idea.

    Tilly x

  4. Hello Paula,I came to visit via Tilly Rose, and you have many of the same interests as me,so I thought I would drop by, say hello and welcome,if you lived anywhere near me in N.S.W. you would always be welcome at our Cackle Club craft can only guess why the name...yes we sound like a hen house as we craft every Tuesday in the community hall..Have a great weekend.