Friday, 3 February 2012

Now I don't proclaim to be an 'Artist' or a 'Painter' by any means, but I do love to paint! I have a niece and a nephew turning 2 very soon and wanted to make some homemade gifts for them. Because at xmas time I had none of my handmade goodies left - they were all sold or sitting in the shop, much to my disgust, I had to by somebody else's handmade goodies for my family. So I'm determined this year to succeed,  that's my own little challenge for the year.

But today I ventured through the rain and cold to my friends house and hour from here, to craft, tea and coffee, lunch, gossip, and catch up in general now the kids are back in school and had a lovely day - thanks Megan  xoxo

Here are some of my fav paintings, they are folksy inspired from an American craft book I've had for years.

Have a nice weekend!

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