Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Nate is completely obsessed with the color orange! and its quite difficult to find him orange, age appropriate toys. So I set about to make him some small orange type critters.

He loves them, he calls them his orange guys! He got a small box and they hoon around the house in their 'car'.


  1. That's so sweet. Simple, easy and so appropriate for a little one Paula! When I saw the pics of the little orange cushions and the big wooden buttons, I thought for a minute that it was going to be maybe a jelly bean train. :))

    Thanks for popping by my JaM post and all your sweet comments too.
    Love the sound of your reading nook and bumble bee cup. Very relaxing.
    Nice saying! :) x

  2. Hi Pam, yes my reading nook and craft room is my sanctuary in so many ways! I love it. I didn't realise they looked like jellybeans! very good though - when I told the kids you said they looked like jelly beans they loved it and they shall forever be called Jelly bean now!! thanks pam, we were unsure of what to call them.