Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Feeling a bit naughty - have been neglecting my garden, but with the drizzly cold weather last week it was so hard to make myself get out there! I'm still climatizing. But the garden has loved the rain and is thriving. We didn't go for too much variety as we only got here in October.

  Eggplants galore - I had actually bought 2 Lebanese purple eggplant seedlings, but one turned out to be a white eggplant, am looking for a chutney recipe or someway to use up the glut of them if anyone has any on hand!?!

 My beautiful tomatoes - so yum.

The corn did super well - it wasn't as sweet as I'd thought it would be, but dad told me to use some potash on them when they started to flower - and I just never got around to applying it. But next year I will make sure that I do. I even bought it - I have good intentions - honestly.......   :) but it was so yum to have homegrown corn, picked, husked and cooked straight away - not to mention a raw cob to chew on while I was picking!!

  Plenty of cherry tomatoes that popped up everywhere once we started watering and feeding the garden bed. Found a fantastic way to use them up to - I made a spag sauce with them but roasted them in the oven with herbs and balsamic vinegar, olive oil etc - very nice, I made spag and meatballs, even Hayley said it was good (which means a lot coming from the bird eater herself!!!)

The cherry tomatoes run wild and take over this whole garden bed - I'm not going to argue with them.

 And so proud of my olives, never even seen them on a tree before, there's only a few but I cherish them soooo much, will have to do a bit of research on olive growing and hopefully next time I'll get enough to actually do something with them.

I bought some citrus trees and have potted them up, I hope they go okay.

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