Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I haven't posted in a while, camera needs batteries, keep forgetting to buy them! I'll get there..... but anyways a few old piccy's

This fantastic hutch we found in an antique store - before...


Organising some of my larger bits of fabrics

Some of my crates

I was in the middle of making some more bunting for the shop, which I had been putting off doing for like 3 weeks - I kept telling myself I had more interesting things to work on than bunting - so hubby on night shift I commit myself to triangles, and lo and behold not 5 mins into sewing - machine says 'kerthunk, kerthunk, kerthunk...... i tried for ages to fix said problem - so off to the sewing machine hospital it is.  Feeling a bit lost without my right arm, I finally got to work on some felties?? not sure if term is correct or softies??
Oh by the by I just pinched some batteries for my camera out of the kids game thingys - shhhhh   :D

just some practising

oops lil froggy snuck in, last project made on machine, new prototype

A journal cover with the same lil birdie design, it's from some scrapbooking supplies I have from DCVW

he's soooo cute

Okay so enough pics for today - I think it makes up for so long no postie!!

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