Sunday, 5 February 2012


Yesterday, we ended up in Morpeth. Only for a couple of hours but it was worth it. The last time I was there I fell in love with the doors. And I was determined the next time I went, I'd get some pics of them. So dragging the hubby and the kiddlings around in the hot summer day - I got to see the doors of Morpeth.

oops maybe theres a few too many but I didn't even get to take pics of them all as lots of the shops were open, maybe 1 day I'll get the rest. I just fell in love with the character of each door - they are all soooo lovely. Call me crazy!!  :D

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  1. Hi there Crazy! :)
    There are some amazingly fabulous doors in that line up Paula! Esp the ring-in on the telephone booth! But a door is a door hey? :) Really lovely pics and I'm loving them in B & W. But I have to ask one question.....where on earth is Morpeth!!!!!!!!! I'm going to have to Google Earth it I think. :))

    Thanks for popping in for the JaM, and leaving your lovely comment.
    Hope you get your chenille. I'm finding it's getting a bit scarce around here. :)

    p.s. much easier reading your text this time too.