Thursday, 26 January 2012

My lil steampunk dolly is coming along nicely.

Well I think so anyway. But I couldn't find my nail files today to sand her head a bit - so I thought I'd attempt to clean up my craft room a bit to see if I can't find them. And...well...... I think I found that I have a bit of a problem collecting doilies!!

I stopped counting when I got to 100!!! eepers - don't tell my husband!  And then of course there are plenty spread around the house actually being used. I honestly do intend to use them  - I promise.
They have so many wonderful uses. I'll show you some of them another day.

'you yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.'
The Buddah


  1. Yeah, yeah sure you will Paula! That's what we all say! ;o))))
    Steampunk sounds good! I'm just starting to get into that myself!
    Thanks for following. :)

  2. Oh wow Paula, she is looking absolutely beautiful. Don't think that I could do that. Might have to put in an order to get u to make one for me, I love them.

  3. Hi Paula, just responding to your comment yesterday.

    'Yes definitely Paula! I know just what you mean, you want to just take them all the postcards with you and give them a home! :))
    They are quite handy for scanning into your computer and using them over and over for mixed media work etc or even as I've done and offering them to your readers. I do often find them without the info on the back but I agree that it's much better to get them with some personal message on them.

    Thanks for delving into my posts a little too. Nice to know that someone looks back occasionally! :)

    So glad to have been your first too!! It's a bit exciting to get that first one, I know. Then you sit there waiting for the next one! It will come though, as long as you keep reading and commenting on other blogs.

    Yes my cases have had a lot of lovely comments over time, and it wouldn't surprise me to read somewhere down the track about your much grown collection too! They get you in you know! ;))

    Take care.