Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I did manage to get a few more rosettes made yesterday afternoon, but I got a bit restless making them (if you don't know me yet - you'll come to realise that I detest monotony) so I did manage to sneak in a spot of reading after being a very good girl and cleaning out the pantry. Been putting that one off for ages. Continued on some crocheting practice, nor sure what its going to be yet, but will post a pic when finished.

I recently came across an mixed media magazine called, Cloth, Paper, Scissors - have you seen it? OMG! I love it sooo much,  it is full of great ideas, techniques and inspiration.

See the little guys on the cover? They are steampunk dolls! I'd never heard of steampunk before but it sums up everything I loveto do and all the 'bits and bobs' I have been collecting since I was about 6 yrs old.

I was not entirely confident about sculpting my own dolls heads - I did attempt a few with varied results, which may get used later for something........  I ended up getting a cheap doll from a shop and sculpting over the top of it - this is my steampunk doll in progress:

Be warned though this little thing can cause havoc on your craft table:

More mess to clean up - yay!  But I am having fun going through all my stuff trying out all weird and wonderful combinations of my 'stuff'.


  1. It's a great magazine isn't it Paula!? I discovered it years ago, and took out a subscription to it for a while. I've actually got that issue too and it was the dolls on the cover that got me in.
    My favourite mags now are from Stampington and Co and they publish some fantastic ones!! To die for! They even have a couple on art and prim dolls that I'm sure you just LUV!!! :)) Good luck with the doll.
    I'm about to embark on designing a steampunk animal for Cloth Doll Artistry. Should be interesting to say the least! :)

    1. Thanks Pam - I'd love to see some of your steampunk