Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mushrooms and Snails revisited...

I have bee bouncing back to some of my old favorite themes lately with an upcoming showcase that I am taking part in. It is a woodland themed one held by my dear friend at!/PrettyTwistedKnotsCrochetCreations?fref=ts
it's not until June but I have been having a bit of fun with something different than my dolls.

I have been dreaming of a cute snail pattern for years and today I was so excited when my first trial came out so perfectly, he's only in a plain homespun at the moment he needs a little dressing up or some pretty fabrics, but I just had to share this little fella.



  1. yumm yumm always your things are gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Carole - having a bit of fun with the woodlands theme, not sure what I'm going to put up for sale yet? I love them all xx