Sunday, 3 March 2013

Art Dolls

So I haven't posted since November, things have been so very busy around here!!!
Firstly the Christmas holidays and festivities went off well, we had a fantastic street xmas party that sort of just rolled right on through the week and a bit into the next as well! What a great place to live, we have such fantastic neighbors. Our actual xmas day was very quiet, just us and the kids, sadly to far to fly home to see everyone, but we skyped for a bit - thanks for the technology!!

I finished the year of with the last of my Shabby Annies on sale and they both sold promptly. Heading into the new year with a clean slate I embarked on a new style of dolls.

This was my introduction of my Shabby Annie Art Dolls on my facebook page  

I have been making dolls for many years, selling them locally at markets and to dear friends. Last year when I took the plunge and started selling online, I was overwhelmed at the response. And through the many social media networks that are available to us today, a door was opened to a wonderland of fellow doll makers and collectors. I am in awe of the many talented and artistic dolls being created around the world and the never ending source of inspiration, I find my knowledge widening at a great rate of knots, so with a few butterflies in my belly I introduce my first Shabby Annies Art Doll – ‘Sophie’.

I am still making my dolls out of 100% cotton homespun, I hand paint with acrylic paints the face and sometime little shoes. The dresses are mostly made out of 100% cotton patchwork fabrics from my huge stash, and occasionally the dresses are made out of upcycled clothing. I still like to have a little strand of pearls on them, but not every doll fits them. 
I have had quite a good response from my followers so far and no sooner do I release a new doll, she is gone within 24 hrs. I have also been getting a few orders each week, which is keeping me on my toes.

I'm not going to keep on going for too long, but will try to stop by here more often - I have missed blog-land!!

Shabbily yours ~ Paula xx


  1. Well how wonderful to see you back! your dolls are just lovely and having seen them close up I have to say Paula they are such beautiful work and so much care taken with each one,I still don't know how you part with them,have a wonderful week.See you soon.

  2. Well done, your dolls look wonderful and I am not surprised they are selling as fast as you can make them. Nice to see you back in blogland. x