Sunday, 5 August 2012

Meet Marie!!

For a while I have been playing around with the idea of some 18th century inspired Shabby Annies - so after a 
considerable amount of research (watching some movies based around then) I have finally created 'Marie' ;) I hope you love her as much as I do!!

I have done a little bit extra work on her accessories and her dress and she has caused quite a commotion in our household, mostly everyone has contributed to some part of her - and so proud of my 12 yr old son for holding his first Shabby Annie!!!  His lack of interest had never really caught my eye, but with everyone else arguing over names and hair bits and earrings, beauty spots etc ... his curiosity got the better of him - but shhhhh..... can't tell anyone!  ;)

Not too sure yet if I want to sell her - she'd have to have a fair price on her for the amount of blood sweat and tears I have put into her!!  

Have a nice day!


  1. She is very sweet Paula. I think you would definitely have to keep this one, call it a prototype. You will find that now you have worked out what to do, the next one will be put together a lot more quickly. x

  2. How delightful she is!!!!!! lovely Paula and just as lovely as you said she would be.A great big hello from all the girls..yesterday was hillarious,I will tell you about it next time we talk.
    Have a great day and happy creating.xx