Wednesday, 22 August 2012


A little out of my usual style - I was asked to create a debutante Shabby Annie for a dear friend. Her niece (Hannah) was turning sweet 16 on the same day as she was doing her debutante ball. I was sent a photo of her and her dress - I was quite happy with how she turned out, though I did have to put a stick inside her to support her neck. The hair is single stranded all over so very heavy. I had no tiara so shes has a pearl stranded hair piece with matching earrings. Her little gloves were the cutest part, I'll definitely have to make them on another doll in the future. She still is a little bohemian and barefoot under her gown.  :)

Some little letter blocks I made from paper clay and stamps.

Lately I've been a bit obsessed with making the perfect mushroom....

Here are some self cover buttons and wooden spools....

Hand stitched felt mushies....

Machine stitched felt mushies....

Still haven't nutted out the style I am happy with but will keep working on it!

And some hessian and lacy table runners - I might sell a couple of these, although I'm sure I could find places for them in my home - they are so pretty.

I did get to the Craft and Sew Show in Newcastle on the weekend and had a fab time with my lovely friend Megan. We are going to definitely make it our annual thing! Will post some pics soon of the goodies I got!!!

Have a nice weekend - happy creating   :)


  1. How gorgeous is she!!!! well done you clever lady...have not had a chance to get up to see you but I will!!!I promise myself both lots of mushies and the table runners are lovely.

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  3. Saw her on your FB page Paula and commented, but she is very pretty. Well done!
    and ahh, you did make the blocks yourself? They look fab! I haven't been back to check if you'd answered me on FB sorry. Where did you get the paperclay and is it a good one to use? I'd love to get some to make dolls heads but I believe they aren't all as good as they could be.
    Now your mushies......they are all so gorgeous! Can't really make my mind up which I'd prefer either! :) But know how I love to work with mixed media, I'd probably go with the self covered buttons and reels. LOVE them!
    I'd love to see one of your table runners in person. They look interesting, but imagine that if they're see in their full glory with all that lovely lace, they'd look amazing. ♥