Friday, 27 July 2012

A few Shabby makings

I have been having a finishing up kind of week and finally tackled some of my unfinished projects! What a good feeling, I might have to do it a bit more often!!!

Some of my shabby pumpkins

A hessian and lace table runner - I love this it looks so good on the table, photos isn't the best as kids homework and tax papers are all over the table (that's my job for the weekend - boring old filing)

Hope you all have a nice weekend....


  1. Your pumpkins look great, love the way you display everything. The table runner is an interesting combination. x

  2. I like your table runner,it looks great..I also think the pumkins you have done a lovely job,I am trying to gert little things finished too,it is a great feeling when you catch up(does that ever really happen )lol.

  3. Oh I'm loving those pumpkins Paula! So sweet and shabby. I've been thinking of making some lately myself, but probably in a Halloween theme. I love a collection of pumpkins....a whole basketful etc. There's something about the look of them.
    Your table runner is pretty. You can do some much with hessian. ♥